Scaling with PTaaS, ASM and risk-based VM solutions
and thoughts on what happens WHEN you get breached.
Edgescan War Room - Episode 3

This is the Third episode in a series of informal conversations between Eoin Keary, CEO and Founder of Edgescan
and Jim Manico, Edgescan Strategic Technical Advisor and Founder of Manicode.





Information on Topics Covered from an Edgescan Perspective

EASM + Risk-based VM + PTaaS = Full Scale Coverage

By integrating EASM (External Attack Surface Management) with RBVM (Risk-based Vulnerability Management), Edgescan's award-winning PTaaS (Penetration Testing as a Service) solutions provide a comprehensive understanding of potential risks and vulnerabilities. This powerful combination provides a complete overview of your attack surface and a thorough assessment of assets and the level of protection they receive. As a result, you gain detailed, actionable, and validated vulnerability intelligence, enabling you to prioritize and expedite remediation efforts while ensuring enhanced coverage assurance.



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