Edgescan Platform Overview Video

In this 10-minute video, you will receive a high-level overview of the Edgescan platform. You will be introduced to five powerful solutions, as well as our three-step process for securing your attack surface.



See How an assessment works...
Verified vulnerability intelligence.
Real data. Actionable results.

  1. During an assessment, the Edgescan validation engine queries millions of vulnerability examples stored in our data lake; our data is sourced from thousands of security assessments and penetration tests performed on millions of assets utilizing the Edgescan Platform.
  2. Vulnerability data is then run through our proprietary analytics models to determine if the vulnerability is a true positive. If it meets a certain numeric threshold it is released to the customer; we call this an auto-commit vulnerability.
  3. If the confidence level falls below the threshold, the vulnerability is flagged for expert validation by an certified pen testing expert.

Discover how our one-of-a-kind blend of automation, analytics, and human intelligence sets us apart from scanning tools and outdated services, delivering actionable results.


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"The accuracy that comes with human validation, paired with the
efficiency of automatic and continuous scanning, means that my team now knows that
whenever a vulnerability is flagged, the vulnerability is there, and they can continue working
until they find it and fix it."

– Archroma Life Enhanced


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