See how Edgescan performs a penetration test

At every click a new screen is presented showing what is occurring within the platform during the testing process and ends by showing a pen test report. You’ll see how our certified security experts evaluate every vulnerability discovered considering the asset priority, business risk, compensating controls and most importantly the true impact of what can be achieved with the vulnerability by a malicious actor.


penetration as a service guided walkthrough

Edgescan’s Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) is a hybrid solution that combines the breadth of automation with the depth of human assessment (our experts are battle-hardened and CREST, OSCP and CEH certified) coupled with vulnerability analytics.


The PTaaS solution not only leverages our security team’s deep technical expertise but also the entire portfolio of solutions within the Edgescan platform to provide vulnerability assessment, exposure validation, and risk rating. PTaaS can be used to assess web applications, APIs, and network/cloud devices. Where traditional

penetration testing fails, Edgescan’s PTaaS excels.