Professional Security Service

Edgescan Professional Services

EdgescanPS is a list of services that we provide from web & Mobile app security to penetration testing to even cloud security. We provide a wide range of services at the highest of standards.

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Web & Mobile App Security

EdgescanPS has defined a unique hybrid verification methodology that has proven efficient and cost-effective across a wide range of applications and industry.


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Network Security

Our approach to network security uses the latest tools and techniques. Our team has experience in performing both internal and external penetration tests for many global organisations.
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Penetration Testing

It is our emphasis on manual testing that sets EdgescanPS methodology apart from other security vendors and provides more value to our clients.


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SDLC Security

SDLC Security is more than just secure programming but involves all aspects of the software development life cycle.


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Information Security Management

We understand the complexities and complications of managing and delivering security services in a variety of environments.


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Cloud Security

We have vast experience in assessing many cloud-based services and applications for security vulnerabilities.


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